Hi there! I’m a hairstylist by day, Name That Tune host by night, and lots of momming and wife-ing in the middle! Welcome to my new website.

I started my hairdressing career in 1997, so in September it will be 23 years since I first picked up a pair of scissors! Not counting all the home hair dos I did before school!
I worked in a couple salons until I decided to see what the Tourism Industry had for me, because who doesn’t love travel? And potentially doing it for free? But apparently my love for hair-doing and the people’s whose lids I was styling was stronger, so I went mobile. For 15 years! I would go into people’s homes and learn about them and their families, play video games or dolls with the kiddos. I felt very welcome. But the time came to up my game, so I started renting in salons.
I love what I do, and altho the salon atmosphere will change in the future, I will look forward to seeing you all there soon!

Right now our industry is taking measures to keep the stylists and our clients safe, so please be patient with us as we navigate these waters together!

My VERY OWN NEW SPACE is OPEN! The new address is 100 20644 Eastleigh Cres.. I am looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces there!