Online Booking

My new studio is open! Please note the new address: 100 20644 Eastleigh Cres.

Before you book, please note the following safety protocols you can expect from me, and what I will expect from you!


I am dedicated to your (and my) health and safety. I am trained in the correct sanitation and disinfection protocols mandated by Health Canada. I am certified in the safe use of Barbicide and PreEmpt (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) and am also a Beauty Safe Stylist. 

The BeautySafe Certification was developed with the assistance of Cosmetology & Health Professionals from across Canada, including:
·          BC Centre of Disease Control
·          Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia
·          Fraser Health
·          Ministry of Health (PSE Guidelines)
·          Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
·          WorkSafe BC         

·          If I am sick or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, I will not come into work and will reschedule my appointments.
·          I will have hand sanitizer stations in the salon.
·          While we do have tap payment for debit and credit, we will be disinfecting the POS machine after each use.
·          The stylist chairs will be 2m apart.
·          I will wear a mask.
·          All tools and hard surfaces will be disinfected between clients.
·          I will be using a new, freshly laundered cape for each client.
·          As always, new freshly laundered towels will be used for each client.


It will take working together to make this a safe environment for everyone.
I ask:
–   If you or anyone in your household is awaiting a COVID-19 test result, has experienced any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 including coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, or have had any fevers, body aches, or chills, PLEASE be honest, transparent and RESCHEDULE your appointment. There will be no penalty if you have to reschedule, but please give me lots of notice!
– Please arrive with clean, dry hair (doesn’t have to be freshly washed, just not 3 days old).
– Everyone entering the salon will be required to wear a mask. No exceptions. If you don’t have one, one will be provided for you. Your child will have to wear a mask for the duration of their appt. If they won’t, the appointment will not happen. Unfortunately the appt will be cancelled if the child is crying.
– Please text me from the lobby when you arrive, or knock on the door and I will be out to get you when I’m ready!
– Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive.
– Please come alone; do not bring anyone who is not getting their hair done. Members of the same family/social circle are welcome to get their hair done together, as long as masks are worn. All children require their own appointment, separate from the parent’s, and will not be permitted to sit in the salon and wait while a hair colour service is performed.
– Please do not bring any food or drink into the salon. I will only be able to offer bottled water.
– As much as I’d love to catch up, we will have to keep talking to a minimum.

By booking your appointment you’ve read and agreed to the terms above.