Deva Cut Info

Q: What is a Devacut? And is it for me?

A: Before I answer that, let me ask you some questions! Do you have curly hair? Do you wear it curly, or is it unmanageable? Would you like to wear it curly more often? Do you avoid going to see hairstylists because your hair ends up a lot shorter than you expected? 

A Devacut is a haircut specifically for wavy, curly and super curly hair. So if you answered Yes to any or all of those questions above, then Yes, a Devacut is for you! 

As a DevaCut trained stylist, I will not only give you an amazing curly haircut suited to your hair and lifestyle, I will also provide you with the knowledge and tools you need at home to make sure you continue easily on the curly path! You will love your curls. 

I will teach you about DevaCurl products, and which ones will get you the look you desire, and how to use them. Traditional shampoos strip your hair from its natural oils, and moisture is super important to curly hair, so No-Poo® & One Condition™Original are formulated without the harsh chemicals found in most traditional shampoos – they’re 100% Silicone, Sulfate &Paraben Free!

So along with the DevaCut, we will spend some time at the sink, for the “Transformation Service”. This is something we can do separate from the DevaCut, to help you learn how to treat and style your curls. Its a cleanser, condition and styling all with DevaCurl products, as well as a lesson on how to use them to your curl’s best interest! After we’ll head to my chair to diffuse dry it. 

Please note: I will be cutting your hair dry, so I need it clean, with minimal product, in its natural curly state. Please don’t have in it a ponytail or straightened when you come in!

I’m looking forward to helping you love your curls!